Research Grants

  • Principle Investigator FRGS (Duration: Year 2016-2018) Modelling Empowerment through Experience of Playing Digital Games in the Context of Paediatric Cancer Patients
  • Principle Investigator GGPM, UKM (Duration: Year 2016-2018) Time Flies When You`re Having Fun: Modelling Users` Time Perception in Entertainment Technologies
  • Member FRGS (Duration: Year 2017-2019) Descriptive and Prescriptive Model of ICT Mediated Familial Bonding for Describing and Analysing the Interplay of Human-Computer Interaction
  • Member GGPI, UKM (Duration: Year 2016-2018) Pembangunan Permainan Digital Bagi Memupuk Kesedaran Tentang Buli di Kalangan Kanak-Kanak Sekolah
  • Member Dana Kerajaan Negeri Kedah (Duration: Year 2015-2017) Holistic Integrated Project Based English And Computer Literarcy (COMEL) Across Stem
  • Member Projek Arus Perdana UKM (Duration: Year 2017-2019) Visualisation based-Fusion Technologies through vison and mobile devices for Integrating Computational Thinking with English Across STEM (i-COMEL) to enhance open data readiness


  • Journal
    • Interacting with Computers (IWC)
    • The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher (TAPE)
  • Conferences
    • CHI Play 2017
    • FDG 2017
    • i-USer 2016
    • MobileHCI 2016
    • CHI 2016
    • IVIC 2015
    • CHI 2013

Organising Conferences

  1. Organising Committee forĀ The 4th International Visual Informatics Conference 2015 (IVIC’15)
  2. Organising and Program Committee forĀ The 6th York Doctoral Symposium on Computer Science (YDS 2013)
  3. Organising and Program Committee for The 5th York Doctoral Symposium on Computer Science (YDS 2012)